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"What a fun way to engage sports-lovers in mathematics!"

Danica McKellar
Actress and author of “Math Doesn’t Suck” and “Kiss My Math”

"This is my first year doing Fantasy Football and the kids love it!!!! Football is the first thing we talk about every Monday morning...even the girls!!! Thank you for developing this program. It's wonderful!""

Michele G.
Teacher – 7th & 8th grade
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

"Each year I have roughly 83% of my students meet or exceed state standards in math and I know it's because of fanstasy football. Thank you so much! My students enjoy math so much more now!!"

KellyLynn C.
4th grade
Las Vegas, NV

"I am currently using your fantasy basketball workbooks in my class. The students are loving every minute of it. I should start off by saying that I am teaching this to a class of students with special needs (ranging from mental retardation {mental retardation is qualified for people of IQ's less that 70} to autism to ADHD). The thing that I am most excited about is that they are doing this complicated math, that if I would not have presented it in this way, they never would have been able to understand it. When I told people that I was going to be teaching this and showed them the books, they thought I was crazy, and just assumed the students would not be able to handle it..... needless to say, I have people come in to check out what we are doing and are all amazed."

Amy S.
Teacher - Special Education
Portland, OR

"Thanks....my high school special ed kids are finally excited about math! Unbelievable!"

Tim N.
High School Special Education Teacher
Middletown, DE

"My kids are having a BLAST with this! I have honestly never had a math class where students are engaged for an entire hour doing their fantasy football calculations. I even had a substitute one day and she wrote me a note saying she couldn't believe how there was no messing around and everyone was engaged the whole time."

Donene R.
Teacher - 5th grade
Kuna, ID

"My students ask every day if they can do football today. They don't want any of the language stuff. All they want is math. I saw your book last spring. At that time, I couldn't do much for them that would make them want to do math. What a switch! This is true for both boys and girls. "Thank you again so much for doing this program! I, and my students, am loving it!"
Glenda R.

Middle School Math Teacher
Indianapolis, IN

"I love this program!"

Rob P.
Math Teacher - 6th grade
Germantown, MD

"I am very excited...so excited, that I almost didn't have time to have my own fantasy football league!! Also, just to share a quick story...I had a girl in my Algebra class misplaced...she should be in Geometry...which in our curriculum is higher than Algebra...well, when she figured this out, she begged me not to have her switch classes...she said, "I am so excited about Fantasy Football, my team looks great!" I thought that was really cool!!"

Dan C.
Teacher – 9th grade
Pittsburgh, PA

"I think the contest is great and hope you continue to do it. The level of excitement in my class is amazing and the kids can't wait until the next time they get to do fantasy football. Thanks for such a great program!!"

Ben S.
Jr. High Math Teacher
Baileyville, KS

"Thank you so much for this awesome resource. I had been trying to think of a way to incorporate and justify fantasy sports into my curricula. Your program is perfect!"

Tom P.
High School Math Teacher
Kernersville NC

"This summer I taught middle school enrichment and I used fantasy baseball. The students loved it. It was a month-long program and we got three solid weeks of scoring completed. Some students wanted to keep a list of their team so they could continue scoring for the rest of the summer. What a success!!"

Debbie S.
K.Teacher - 9-12 math
Hartford, CT

"As a middle school educator, I'm always searching for ideas to better engage my students in the learning process. An aide at my school told me about a news piece she saw on EPSN showing how teachers were using fantasy sports to help students learn math concepts. Once I saw the piece, I was really intrigued. I ordered the entire set of Dan Flockhart's books immediately. In the past, I have made impulse buys on something that seems really interesting, and I have eventually regretted it. This was not the case with these books. From the first time I opened them and began reading, I was immediately impressed. These books are written in a way that I think anyone could implement this in their classroom, regardless of background knowledge of sports in general, or fantasy sports in particular. Also, if you're worried that this program is just superficial material, it addresses many NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards, all of which are similar to the Ohio state math standards that I am required to teach.

On top of that, the support from the author through his website has been outstanding. Any questions I have asked have been answered in a thorough and timely manner. He has even personally put me in touch with another teacher who implemented his program in a class with a similar demographic makeup to mine (All girls! And, yes, they are LOVING it!). The exchanges with that teacher have been invaluable. Dan Flockhart is really supporting his product in a very personal way. I have begun my first fantasy baseball season, and, already, the results have been wonderful! My students are engaged in a way I haven't seen all year. I give this book my strongest endorsement."

Ryan R.
Middle School Teacher
Toledo, OH

"One of my students wanted to leave my class because it was too hard and boring. Now that we have instituted the baseball game she absolutely loves coming to class and always has a smile on her face. She is the first one in class to get her points tallied and wants the next sheet for the following week before I can even get it ready! She was the high scorer for Week 1 and she is still floating down the hallways. Her self esteem has gone up and she is now respected more by her peers."

Steve R.
Teacher - 7th & 8th grade math and science
Cedar Rapids, IA

“I learned about “Fantasy Football and Mathematics” through an article in the NCTM “Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School” Journal. This was a great opportunity for me, as a seventh-grade teacher, to teach mathematics with a focus on real-life sporting events in order to reach my students and to make mathematics come alive. “Fantasy Football and Mathematics” was a huge success with my inner-city 7th grade all-girl class! The girls were actually watching the football games on TV with their parents! After it was over, they turned to me and shouted, “Can we do the Fantasy Basketball and Mathematics next?” Basketball it is… we’ll be using Flockhart’s guide to “Fantasy Basketball and Mathematics” next.”

Wendy M.
Bridgeport, CT
Teacher – 7th grade

“The Fantasy Sports and Mathematics’ programs allow you to reach the students, making the lessons not only comprehensive and enriching, but very exciting. The students loved it, worked harder than ever, and their GEPA scores increased over 40 points in the first year alone!!!”

Robert C.
Teacher - 8th Grade Math
Woodbine, NJ

"This is the greatest assignment ever!" Hearing that from one of my students was more than enough to know that I had a great way to get them to enjoy learning mathematics. Thanks for putting this great program together, we LOVE IT!!!

Jeff T.
Teacher - 7th and 8th grade math and science
Troutdale, OR

"As the President of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, I see new ideas every week. Innovation and creativity are sprouting up all across the country. And the popularity of fantasy sports is at an all-time high. Almost every day of the week, I hear someone talk about their fantasy team. Surprisingly, many of the discussions I hear involve kids. They love sports and they love fantasy sports. It helps them feel a connection to the leagues and players. Dan Flockhart has found a way to take this connection even further. Using fantasy sports to teach mathematics is visionary in its scope and can single-handedly increase the retention rate in our schools. His programs have a very real opportunity to connect with students that might typically shy away from math altogether. Flockhart's books make math fun again. Teachers, students, and parents will love this program."

Jeffrey R. Thomas
Founder & CEO SportsBuff.com
President, Fantasy Sports Trade Association

“I wanted to share with you the success I have had with the fantasy football program in my classroom so far this year. I had students’ eyes light up like never before when I told them we were going to play Fantasy Football in math class! It is amazing how excited my students are when they come to class. Everyday they ask me if we are doing football today. They are willing to have lessons to put the building blocks in place for success at the math around the football. As a result they are tackling fractions like never before. The students (typically boys) who have never been successful at any thing in math are now my experts helping other students. They are so proud of themselves!”

Julie M.
Teacher - 8 th grade math
Portland, ME

"Fantasy Football and Mathematics is a great resource! My students have never been so excited about a unit. I even have former students participating in it on their own!"

Jason W.
Teacher – 6 th grade math
St. Petersburg, FL

“The beauty of the Fantasy Sports and Mathematics’ programs is that while all the students are busy having fun, enjoying the competition, and building better relationships with sports-minded parents, they are, much to their surprise, learning to love math."

Ryan V.
Teacher - 8th Grade Math/Athletic Director/MS Lead Teacher
Tinley Park, IL

“My students are having a blast and I can’t tell you how many parents have said they
wish this was around when they were in school!”

Jeff A.
Nixa, MO

"I've never seen kids so excited about math before. The competition among students has resulted in them not even realizing the amount of mathematics involved. Thank you!

Dee S.
Blairstown, NJ

"Fantasy Football and Mathematics is becoming a 6th grade tradition! The students are really enjoying it. We devote every Wednesday to it and on the week where there was no school on Wednesday you would have thought the world was going to end!"

Jennifer R.
Mathematics Chair
Tuxedo Park, NY

“My classes look forward to Fantasy Football and Mathematics. It's great to have something that is full of opportunities to work with fractions and decimals that the students are excited about doing. I've actually had students tell me that they enjoy my class more than P.E.”

Julie B.
Teacher - 8th grade Math
Millspring NC

“This is a fantastic learning experience for my students. There is a high level of engagement whenever we are working on fantasy football mathematics. I just completed parent/teacher conferences, and the parents unanimously said their students loved the fantasy football mathematics unit, and the parents loved it because it allowed students to apply their math skills to real situations.”

Sheryl M.
6th Grade Math and Science.
Vancouver, WA

"Flockhart's books set the bar for educational programs that truly motivate students to learn math. His materials go a long way toward eliminating math phobia by giving students a fun and engaging activity with which to learn math skills. His programs are dynamic and flexible, representing a significant change in the way math is taught. I'm excited to see his curriculum used in classrooms across the country."

George del Prado
Founder, FantasyAuctioneer.com
North Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you for sending the football, basketball and baseball materials. We started football...even though the season had started....and the kids went nuts. I have never seen them so engaged. The enthusiasm from the 6th graders spread throughout the school and now we're going to order more materials so that the 7th and 8th graders can also participate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Marsha R.
Teacher – 6 th grade
Leawood, KS

"Amazing...where was this when I was in school? Flockhart has taken a concept kids love (fantasy sports), and turned it into an ideal way to teach them mathematics. And they're having too much fun to realize it! I'm impressed, not to mention envious that I didn't come up with something like this myself. "

Tom G.
Sportsticker NBA Reporter
Sacramento, CA

“Playing Fantasy Football and Mathematics from a preservice teacher perspective allows my secondary math methods students to see the power of teaching math with motivational and mathematically sound materials. My students are very engaged in fantasy football.”

Dana P.F.
Mississippi State University

“Students were eager to be the first to math class to tally their scores and begin working with their team's stats. It was great to see boys and girls working both above and below grade level fully engaged in using their math skills and learning new ones.”

Sara S.
Former middle school director
Cambridge, MA

“Fantasy Sports and Mathematics! Finally, a fun and effective method for not only teaching math knowledge but going further and providing a framework for students to comprehend, apply, and analyze the learned competencies. A rare and innovative example of academics using sports to teach students life skills.”

Kim B. 
University of Mississippi

"I have used Fantasy Sports and Mathematics for the past two years in my pre-service math education classes. It is an outstanding curricular example of making learning meaningful and connected, getting students to make data-driven decisions in an engaging and exciting activity." 

Tim V.S.
Dordt College

"I think Fantasy Football and Mathematics is awesome because my students are using lots of computation, bar graphs, and circle graphs and loving every minute of it!"

Sherri C.
Teacher - 7th and 8th grade Pre-Algebra
Vinita, OK

“I really appreciate the variety of scoring systems provided. This allows me to use the materials with all of my classes in grades 6, 7 and 8, providing each group with a different system that works with the curriculum and abilities of those students.”

Sharon M.
Technology Coordinator/Math Teacher
Gilbertville/Raymond, IA

“As a high school math lab special education teacher, I have found Fantasy Football easily adaptable to meet the needs of all the different academic skill levels in my class.”

Debbie S.K.
Teacher - 9-12 math skill enhancement class
Hartford, CT

“Fantasy Football has been a great learning experience for me and my students. It has made math more "real" for them!”

Sue G.
Teacher – 9 th grade pre-algebra
Montrose, PA

“I am enjoying using your materials in the classroom. The students ask to
work with the fantasy football all the time. Currently I am using the fantasy football with grades 7&8 and will be using the fantasy basketball with grade 6 later in the year.”

Elizabeth J.
Teacher – grades 6-8 math 
Florida, MA

"Playing Fantasy Football and Mathematics has been a fun addition to my classes. It has also helped improve my students' use of fractions."

Valorie Z.
Teacher - Algebra I and Algebra IB
Hull, Iowa

"Fantasy Football was the highlight of their day."

Kent C.
Kennebunkport, ME

“Dan Flockhart’s innovative Fantasy Sports and Mathematics books are rich and innovative tools for inspiring students to delve deeply into the study of mathematics. He helps students create a solid personal understanding of abstract mathematical concepts through practical application in the form of fantasy sports. His books are a highly accessible, motivational, and unique resource for teachers who want their students to appreciate the relevance and importance of mathematics in their own lives.”

Ann D.S.
Humboldt State University

“Fantasy Football and Mathematics is a user-friendly curriculum that teaches essential basic skills in an exciting format, which reaches students of all levels.”

Nicole L.
Essexville, MI